Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Workout of the day: Bike/Run x3

These are the workouts I'm planning for Monday's come the fall. We'll set up trainers on the track and do a bike/run/bike/run/bike/run workout.

The Plan: This would be good for early season training, imagine mid-August when we haven't been on campus too long and just beginning to set the stage for Nationals in November. We'll start fairly low key and descend down to (almost) race effort. As things get harder I'll work in mini recoveries (30" or so) in longer race paced efforts.

Team warm up: Dynamic warm up
- Unfortunately I do not have video of this, but it is what we were doing at Dynamo mixed with some various things I've seen here at Concordia.

The workout: Using RPE, but I'll include a comparison zone for all you HR/wattage folks.
Bike #1: 20' segment
- 10' fairly light, RPE 3-4, just getting loose. (building into low zone 2).
- 3x1' building to RPE 5 (high zone 2), 2' back down to RPE 4 (low zone 2)
- 1' @RPE 6 (zone 3)
*Get out of your shoes (leaving them on the bike) and quick transition to the run.

Run #1: 1 mile
- Steady RPE 5 (mid/high zone 2)
*Quick transition back onto the bike.

Bike #2: 20' segment
- 5' building to RPE 5
- 3x2' @RPE 5, 1' @RPE 4
- 1' additional @RPE 4
- 2' @RPE 6, 1' @RPE 4, 2' @RPE 6
*Same quick transition*

Run #2: 1 mile
- Strong RPE 6

Bike #3: 20' segment
- 4' RPE 5
- 4x 2' @RPE 5, 2' @RPE 6

Run #3: 1/2 mile
- RPE 7 (roughly 10k effort).

Warm down: Easy 10' on the bike followed by Animal Series stretches.

As stated earlier, not terribly difficult, but it's an intro to the bike/run workout format. With each passing week the workout will become more intense and more race specific. This strong Monday evening/afternoon workout will take place after an Aerobic swim Monday morning, "Off Day" on Sunday, and Long Ride (tops 2hr) on Saturday.

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