Thursday, November 11, 2010

Getting my Learn on

I'm heading to Orlando, FL today to attend a coaching clinic being put on by Hector Torres. Now I met him at the Power training clinic back in Philly in Nov of 09. I remember not really liking the guy, can't remember why... but I'm entering this clinic with a very open mind! Even if you don't like a guy or the way he might coach doesn't mean that he isn't doing something right and there can be gems in this clinic I can take away. So trying to put past judgments behind me and come into this clinic fresh and ready to learn!

I do hope there are some other insightful coaches there that I can dine with and actually discuss topics. However in most cases you get a group of Triathlete's or Tri Coaches together it just becomes a dick swinging contest of who's doing everything right and how much faster their athletes are than yours... or at least that's the impression I get because those guys overpower the conversation while the others, as myself, would like to actually learn and evolve as coaches and not stay narrow minded in thinking you're always right... Damnit there I go again being close minded and not giving folks a chance!

Ok, time to pack and begin this road trip! Here's to open minds, great discussions, and a few good local drafts... Cheers!!!

PS: Happy Veterans day and thank you to all of our Vets and Active Military members for all that you've done and continue to do! I would not be able to chase my dream if you didn't give such great sacrifices for our freedom.