Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Fartlek Pyramid 3x(1/1, 1/2, 1/3) - 45' run

Been slacking on this a bit, need to make it more of a habit vs a "when I have time" thing. 

Creating a Farlek run today, varying intensity with each segment and the higher the intensity the more recovery you get. Helps mix things up but also for the athlete to get a gauge of RPE and pace work. There's a saying "I've only got one speed" and this workout will help them get over that saying. 

Warm up
5' easy jogging
4x( 15" pick up @10k feel, 2:15 easy)
(15' warm up)

Main Set x3 (add/subtract as you see fit based on overall workout duration)
1' @ Half Marathon pace/RPE
1' Easy
1' @ 10k pace/RPE
2' Easy
1' @5k pace/RPE
3' Easy
(9' rounds/27' set/42' total)
EASY = easy, seriously... should be 2-3min slower than 10k pace. If you're running 8:00 for a 10k, then Easy is around 10:30's, it's more active recovery vs running. 

Warm down
3' additional to get to 45' total