Friday, September 16, 2016

New strength regime for Triathlon - Late Season

This is a follow up to the "Developing a strength program" post from a few months back. I typically stick with a strength program/routine for 3-4 months then I'll input some next exercises and change the stimulus. This late season program has a lot of stretching aspects to it for injury prevention since people are doing longer/harder workouts as their main races approach. 

It's a similar style of an A and B workout with the B one being shorter and something that can be done at home. They are titled 16.5, 16.6, and 16.7 since they are follow ups to the originals of 16.1-16.4. 

I hope this helps y'all out somehow and if you have any questions, just email me at Shanks (at) ShanksCoaching (dot) com!

Strength: 16.5a: 
3 rounds, Circuit Format:
- Goblet Squat - Shoulder rotation w/band (external and internal) - Fire Hydrants - Bird Dog w/elbow - hold for 2" at the top of the movement - KB swing - Corkscrew - Y-T-W
Progressions: Start at the first one, once you're comfortable there, progress to the next option, once all options are done, start again at the beginning with a higher weight.
Example: Goblet squat: 3x8 w/starting weight at 20kg (or whatever you need to do). Do that for a few weeks till its "comfortable", then move to 3x10 w/20kg, then 3x15 w/20kg. Once you've comfortable there, go back to 3x8 but up the weight to 24kg and go up the progressions again.
- Goblet: Start at x8, move to x10, then x15. - Shoulder Rotation: x5 each way, x10, x15, x20 per side/each way. - Fire Hydrant: x5 each way/each leg, x8 same, x10 same - then slow down the motion more and control it. - Bird/Dog: Start with x5 reps each side with a 2" hold, then x8 reps each side with 2" hold, x10 reps each side w/2" hold. Repeat with 4" hold, then 5" hold. - KB Swing: x10, x12, x15, x20, x25, x30. - Corkscrew: Same as Bird/Dog - Y-T-W: Same as bird/dog
- Goblet Squat: - Shoulder internal/external rotation: - Fire Hydrants – Hands/knee Front: - Fire Hydrants – Hands/knee Reverse: - Bird Dog Elbow: o Tim Ferris explains KB swing: - Corkscrew: - Y-T-W w/band: - Y-T-W Patterns:

Strength: 16.5b: 
3 rounds, Circuit Format:
-Lunge Series: Front, Side, Reverse (1 each per leg before switching legs. 1x through all 3 = 1 rep).
- Pull ups or TRX Pull ups
- Lateral Band Walk
- Hollow Hold
- Hollow Arch
- Toe Yoga
Progressions: See 16.5a for explanation.

-Lunge Series: x3 of right leg: Front, side, reverse, Left leg front, side, reverse = 1 rep, you need 3 reps - so each round is 9 lunges per leg totaled out), then x4, finish at x5, then go back to x3 and add small weight.
- Pull ups or TRX Pull ups: x2, x3, x4, x6, x8, x10. If TRX then increase the angle until you're almost flat, then elevate feet. If doing the hangs, start at 10" then 20", 30", up to 1' hangs.
- Lateral Band Walk: x8/side, x10/side, x12/side, x15/side - then get harder band.
- Hollow Hold/Arch: Start at 15" each, 20" each, 30", 45", 1' each. Then you can start rocking and start at the 15" time again.
- Toe Yoga: exercise 1&2 x5 each, x8 each, x10 each, then start at x5 each but add in a 2" hold. Go all the way back up to x10, then change it to a 5" hold.
- Front Lunge:
o Side Lunge:
o Reverse Lunge:
o TRX/Jungle Gym Pull ups:
o Pull up progressions:
- Lateral Band Walk:
- Hollow/Arch Hold:
- Toe Yoga:

Strength: 16.6a:
3 rounds, Circuit Format:
- Farmers Walk
- Yoga Push Ups
- Clamshell w/band
- Hip Hikes
- Turkish Get ups
- Shin Raises
- Farmers Walk: 20 total steps, 30 total, 40 total, 50 total, 75 total, up to 100 total steps, then add weight and start back at 20-30 steps.
- Yoga Push Ups: x3, x5, x8, x10 then slow it down to a two count each way, then 3 count up to 4 count.
- Clamshell w/band: x5/side, x8/side, x10/side, x15/side
- Hip Hikes: x5/side, x10/side, x15/side, x20 side.
- Turkish Get ups x1/arm, x2/arm, x3 arm, x4 arm then increase weight. (If you need easier, just practice the sitting up part x5, x8, x10/arm before you start standing up)
- Seated Shin Raises: x20, x30, x40, x50 then slow it down for a two count, then 3 count, up to 4 count.
- Farmers Walk/Carry:
- Yoga PU – “Dive Bomber”:
- Clam Shells:
- Hip Hikes:
- Turkish Get Up:
- Seated Shin strength:

Strength: 16.6b:
3 rounds, Circuit Format:
- KB Front squat and press: keep it single arm
- Push up Protraction
- Side leg lifts
- Flutter kicks
- Leg lifts
- Y-T-W
Progressions: See 16.5a for explanation.

- KB Front squat and press: x4/arm, x6/arm, x8/arm, x10/arm (which would be 20 squats total) then increase weight.
- Push up Protraction: x8, x10, x12, x15 then slow it down for a 2 second count, then 3", then 4"
- Side leg lifts: x5/side, x8/side, x10/side, x12/side, x15/side then slow it down for the 2" count, up to 4" count
- Flutter kicks: x25 per leg, x40 per leg, x50 per leg, x75 per leg, x100 per leg. 
- Leg Lifts: x8, x10, x12, x15, x20
- Y-T-W: Start with x5 reps with a 2" hold, then x8 reps each side with 2" hold, x10 reps each side w/2" hold. Repeat with 4" hold, then 5" hold.
o Front Squat w/KB:
- Push Up Protraction:
- Side Leg Lift:
- Flutter Kicks:
- Leg Lifts:
- Y-T-W w/band:
- Y-T-W Patterns:

Strength: 16.7a:
3 rounds, Circuit Format:
- Reverse Lunge
- 1-arm snatch
- Hip ab/adduction w/band
- KB Swings
- Hollow Hold
- Hollow Arch
- Toe Yoga
- Reverse Lunge: x8/leg, x10/leg, x12/leg, x15/leg then add weight, starting small. 
- 1-arm snatch: x6/arm, x8/arm, x10/arm, x12/arm then add weight. 
- Hip Ab/Adduction: x8/leg and side, x10 each, x12 each then add weight or change band.
- KB Swing: x10, x12, x15, x20, x25, x30.
- Hollow Hold/Arch: Start at 15" each, 20" each, 30", 45", 1' each. Then you can start rocking and start at the 15" time again. 
- Toe Yoga: exercise 1&2 x5 each, x8 each, x10 each, then start at x5 each but add in a 2" hold. Go all the way back up to x10, then change it to a 5" hold. 
o Reverse Lunge:
- 1 arm snatch:
- 1 arm snatch w/KB:
- Hip abduction and adduction:
o Tim Ferris explains KB swing:
- Hollow/Arch Hold:
- Toe Yoga:

Strength: 16.7b:
3 rounds, Circuit Format:
- Running man reverse Step ups
- Stretch Cords
- Straight Arm Bridges (no need for the backpack that's in the video)
- Candlesticks
- Seated Shin raises
Progressions: See 16.5a for explaination.

- Step ups: x8/leg, x10/leg, x12/leg, x15/leg then slow things down more or do things to make you unstable.
- Stretch Cords: x10, x15, x20, x25, x30
- Straight Arm Bridges: x6, x8, x10, x12, then add in a 2" hold, then a 4" hold, and finally a 5" hold.
-Candlesticks: Start with Lifts ONLY x8, x10, x15, x20 then slow it down for more control, a 2" count, 3" count and so on. THEN you can add in the stand up part once you're advanced.
- Seated Shin Raises: x20, x30, x40, x50 then slow it down for a two count, then 3 count, up to 4 count.
o Running man reverse step up:
- Stretch Cords:
- Straight arm bridge:
- Candlestick to stand:
- Candlestick lifts:
- Seated Shin strength:

Eating, Sleeping, and working out - The struggle is real

This is by far one of my favorite meme's in all the world and it nailed what my daily struggle is. In order to be healthy you should eat in a healthy manner (none of which is really quick by the way), get 8 hours of sleep a night, and exercise! Sounds simple right? Far from it, but it can be done, but I'm far from mastering it.

The past few weeks have been a really tough struggle for me on most of those fronts:
- Exercise: Luckily I now get to ride bikes with my team, so that's roughly 3 rides a week which is 3 more than I was getting in two months ago. Swimming is the same, I swim twice a week before coaching practice, but most of the reason I show up is to make sure the 3-4 girls who can't swim with the team show up! Running has taken the hardest hit, I ran twice this week for a total of 40 minutes. Strength training... huh?
- Sleeping: Staying up till 10pm working on homework then waking up at 4:45am is a rough go. Usually I won't go to bed till 11pm after shutting everything down and calming the mind enough to sleep.
- Eating well: I've had Kraft Mac n' Cheese twice for dinner this week and I've had pizza today, only pizza, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

This isn't a "woe is me" style post, I'm just showing you how I've been running myself into a wall recently and without my normal Sunday to prep food for the week, I eat whatever is quick and easy vs semi healthy and better for me.

How am I going to fix this?!?! Good question, here are some tips!

- Exercise: Put it in my calendar as a scheduled meeting, but be sure to leave time for showering and eating post workout, I tend to forget those aspects and it comes back to bite me in the butt. I'll do Strength on Mon and Wed nights (Mon I don't workout with the team, I just coach and Wed we don't have a PM workout) so I'll be able to go to Anytime Fitness and get swoll. I also need to start using that KB at my desk, every time I come/go I need to be doing 10 swings, but it's easy to forget, so I have to make it less easy and annoying till I start doing it.
- Sleeping: Fortunately and unfortunately my girlfriend will be out of town for the next three weeks. Actually the past few weeks we've hung out earlier so I can start getting ready for bed at 9pm and getting to bed early. Now with her traveling we'll have to figure out times to FaceTime and talk, which might mean later nights, but obviously it's a worthwhile investment (see how I used "investment" instead of "sacrifice"). This past week has been later nights due to working on my MBA 511 homework (my own fault for procrastination), but I'll be done with this class after this weekend and able to turn off my laptop earlier.
**Key tricks: Get in a habit, listen to the same music before bed (Trampled by Turtles on Pandora), turn off all screens 30-60min before I want to be asleep, pack up for the next day and make sure I have everything I need PLUS everything I need to do tomorrow written down and out of my head, and finally do some breathing exercises or reading (paper not kindle) to help slow things down and get my body ready for sleep.
- Eating: This is the hardest part for me. Breakfast has been a struggle since I coach on deck right after working out. I need to find a portable breakfast that's healthy and won't spoil if not  kept cold. Lunch is always in the Cafe but I need to stay away from the pizza and fried foods, the allergy station usually has some really good stuff. Dinner I need to make/create time and have making dinners in a crock pot a priority. Those are simple and really good, I can get a load of recipes from Pinterest.

Exercise daily, Get 7-8 hours of sleep, and eat better than having boxed mac n' cheese, pizza, and banana and nutella sandwiches. That's the plan, now I just have to map out my week so it happens!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Swim Workout: Goal 50's

This is the team workout for today, 9/15/16 that the CUW Women's team did. It's called Goal 50's, I forget where I first saw it done but it's something that has stuck with me and I'll bring out of the bag of tricks every so often.

The set is 30x50 on 1:00. The kicker is you set a goal time, something fairly aggressive that won't be hard to hit initially, but on the back half you'll be doing some work! Ideally if there's a coach on deck they can set the time for you if you've been swimming with for a while. Or y'all can be new still and guess way over their goal times and the team sets it up and crushes it down.

- The Warm up: Done in wetsuits to prep for the race this weekend.
300 Choice
4x100 Desc 1-4 on 15" rest
6x50 on 10" rest
- #1: Fast
- #2&3: Easy (repeat for 4-6).
- Get out of your wetsuit once the warm up is done, then swim an easy 100 to get moving again.

Main Set: I had three different sets/times going for the different skill levels.
- 30x50 on 1:00 (Girls were hitting 41-44" on these)
- 30x50 on 1:10 (These girls were swimming 52-55")
- 20x50 on 1:30 (She surprised me and went sub 1:00 on all of them when I thought she'd be 1:05. She crushed it and now I need to make new intervals for her).

Warm down:
300 easy, then we spend some time on open water drills. The ankle pull down, the hip cross over, and throwing bows.

It was a great set today and everyone did better than I expected to, which is always a good thing!