Monday, March 28, 2016

Strength work on the Bike - 6' on the 20's - Flat lander

This bike workout is designed for someone riding on flatter overall terrain, however you can incorporate this workout as you seem fit. I would typically work this in during an endurance ride, something 90' or longer where it's a general base ride but gives the athlete something to focus on and mix things up vs low z2 the whole time.

The Workout:
Overall this is a low/mid range zone 2 ride, 50-70%. However every 20' starting on the 20' do 6' in a BIG(gest) GEAR, then return to back to low/mid zone 2.
- Big Gear: In your big ring, drop it down to your smallest rear ring, or somewhere close that will get your RPM/Cadence in the 50-60 range.
- Focus on keeping a smooth pedal stroke.
- Zone 3 during the 6' big gear efforts.

Overall fairly basic, with some strength work included to help mix things up but also build some cycling strength.

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