Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Been a long time

I'll admit it has been a hella long time since I've written on this thing. Too much to detail so I'll just recap shortly these past few months and make it a goal to become better from here on out.

January: I ran the Mountain Mist 50K in 7:42. It was my first ever 50K so kept it conservative and took my time at aid stations and enjoyed the shit out of it!

February: Ran the Breast Cancer (Half) Marathon in 1:36:31 which was the exact time (To the Second) that my buddy Jacob Evans thought I should run it in... just baffled that I nailed it, to the T! I will always do this race because it's for a great cause and the support on course is amazing!!!

March: On March 5th my Nephew was baptized and I have the great honor of being his Godfather. Donovan is uber cute and I will be making it a point to go visit him as much as possible, which means scheduling races so I can go down there. This was also on the end of my Spring Break so I was able to make a few good connections in Jacksonville, FL because... well you just never know ;-) .
On March 19th I walked the Shamrock 8K with my Parents. It was a great experience to be able to do that even with my parents. It was my Dad's first ever race and my Mom's longest ever. We finished in 1:42:00, yes that's one hour and forty two minutes.
March 20th I ran the Shamrock Marathon in 3:44:45 which was a PR of about 58minutes! I guess great things can happen when you actually kind of train for an event. I made this trip with Brett and Pike who are both Athletes on Team EC. Pike's boyfriend also came... before the trip I was not very found of him, well actually I though he was a big ol' douche. Luckily we were both able to relax a bit and ended up getting along quite well, guess that can happen on a 10 hour drive :-)

April: On April 1st I took a V02 max test in my Exercise Physiology Lab. Turns out I scored very well, an 80.7, which is World Class Athlete level... this kind of freaks me out haha. This comes after I did a Blood Lactate running test in Early May in which my IAT was a 6:22 pace... which dropped my running zones by about 1min per zone... 1 minute is a pretty big jump! This shows (even if the V02 wasn't 100% accurate) that I have been WAY under performing to my potential. This needs to change... and it will change!

So I am going to post a song with every blog... because well shit, I love music! Enjoy...