Monday, March 21, 2016

Developing a Strength Plan: Early Season

I've been dragging my feet on creating a new strength program for the Spring, mainly not taking the time to map/write things out while traveling sans-notebook. So I figured this would be a good place to do it that I can reference often.

Goal: Create a 4 week cycle of workouts. Two workouts per week. One workout being gym focused for post swims or cycling classes. One being shorter and can be done at home sans equipment and in a shorter time period. I also want to incorporate more plyometrics than I have in the past while trying to keep things simple-ish.

Plyometric options: 
- Switch lunge, single-leg hops, leg bounds, bench taps (aka high knee and toe tap something in font of you), box jumps, rocket jumps/squat jumps, SL jump squat, SL hops, High skips, Jump Rope high knees, tuck jumps, "death jumps" (aka step off one box and jump high or onto another box), clapping push ups, med ball throws,

List of exercise possibilities, based on muscle grouping and gym vs at home, starting with big muscles first.

- Gym: Front squat (kb or barbell), Lunges w/weight, SL deadlifts, reverse lunge, box jumps (start/finish on the box, jump down and quickly back up), jump rope high knee, deadlifts (kb or barbell), overhead squat w/bar or PVC pipe, goblet squat.
- Home; BW squat, lunge jump/switch, squat jumps, death jumps, bench/chair taps, split squat, wall sits, SL squats,

Shoulders/upper back: 
- Gym: 1-arm snatch, pull ups, 1-arm row, DB press, Jungle Gym/TRX pull ups, lat pull down, stretch cords, high pull, stretch cords.
- Home: wall walks, scapula push up, push up walk outs, corkscrew stretch thingy,

- Gym: Alternating DB press (1-arm going up while the other is going down), med ball chest pass (for speed/strength), push up variations,
- Home: Yoga push up, normal push ups, incline/decline push ups, spiderman push ups

- Gym: KB swings, KB extensions, Russian twist w/MB, various MB tosses, ball pass, good mornings,
- Home: Bands, hip hikes, hip bridge (SL's),  leg lifts, clam shells, flutter kicks, CF sit ups, hollow hold/arch, V-ups, side planks, planks w/leg lifts, bird/dog things, superman's, fire hydrants, hip activation matrix.

Combo exercises: 
- Gym: Squat & Press, swing/squat/press w/KB, renegade rows, atomic push up,
- Home:

- Gym: Turkish get ups, squat/burpee to pull ups,
- Home: Seated shin strength, mountain climbers (hips down in push up position), burpee, towel crunch,

Fixes or additional difficulty: 
- Gym: Bring in a bosu ball (half balls with a flat and inflated surface, creating stability issues).
- Home: Put books/other heavy things in a back pack for some exercises (1-arm rows, weighted lunges, etc... get creative).

Stretches for post: 
- Animal Series, pec stretches, figure 4's, hamstrings w/towel, straddle stretch, t-mobility, inch worm, wall angels. toe yoga.

Week 1: Stretches will be added on the back of every workout, I'll list those at the very end.
- Gym Day: 3 rounds, either do 3 rounds of 1 exercise w/30-60" rest between rounds, OR do as a circuit moving from one exercise to the next with no rest, taking 1' rest between circuits (preferred). Save stretches for the end. Warm up for 5-10' or ideally do this after your main workout of the day.
Front Squat x10 (done with KB or ideally a barbell)
TRX/Jungle Gym pull ups x10
Med Ball two hand chest pass x10 (fast and hard, split stance)
Med ball side to side toss x10 per side (feet in squat stance, throw ball against the wall and catch it at the opposite hip, tight core and throw off the hip... it's a hip driven toss).
Stretch Cords x20 (double arm pulls)
Two leg hip bridge x10 - squeeze your butt cheeks hard at the top.
Flutter kicks x50 per leg
Fire Hydrants x5 each (5x forward then backwards per leg, 10 total per leg)
- Video's:
Front Squat:
Front Squat coach ed:
Front Squat w/KB:
 TRX/Jungle Gym Pull ups:
Med ball chest pass:
Med ball side to side toss:
Stretch Cords:
Hip Bridge:
Flutter Kicks:
Fire Hydrants – Hands/knee Reverse:

- Home Day: Circuit done at home after the main workout, take 1' rest between rounds.
Lunge jumps x10 (5 per leg, 10 total jumps since you're switching the front leg each jump)
Push Up Protraction x10
Incline push up x10 - elbows close to the body.
Side leg lifts x10/side
Hollow Hold/Arch: 20+ seconds each (start at 20" but hold for longer if you can, working towards 1', max out at 1').
Mountain Climbers x50 total (25 per leg, keeping hips down to stay in push up position)
Seated shin strength x50 (both feet at same time)
- Video's:
Lunge Jumps:
Push Up Protraction:
Incline push up:
Side Leg Lift:
Hollow/Arch Hold:
Mountain Climbers:
Seated Shin strength:

Week 2: 
- Gym Day: 3 rounds. same deal as last week.
Deadlift x10 w/barbell or KB
Squat Burpee into Jumping Pull Up x5-10 (deep squat, place hands, kick legs back, push up, bring legs back, jump up into a pull up - if you can't do a pull up just go as high up as you can)
KB swing x10
Lateral Band walk x10/side
CF sit up x20
- Video's:
 Barbell Deadlift:
KB deadlift:
Squat burpee:
** Remember to use the squat burpee, preious video, and not the burpee suggested in this video** Burpee to pull up:
Kettlebell swing:
Tim Ferris explains KB swing:
Lateral Band Walk:
Crossfit sit up:

- Home Day:
Reverse Lunge x10 per leg
Corkscrews x10/side - (slow and in control)
Spiderman push ups x10 (5 per side/leg, knee's down if/as needed)
Plank Series: 20"+ of Left side, Center, Right side plank (start out at 20" each, moving from one right into the next one, build up to/max out at 1' each).
Superman's x10 (both legs and arms go up together, pause for 2" at the top)
Clam Shells x10/side
Towel Crunch x10 per foot minimum (if your towel is bigger, go all the way)
- Video's:
Reverse Lunge:
Corkscrew: 1st exercise on this page
Spiderman Intro:
Spiderman PU:
Side Plank:
Superman basic:
Clam Shells:
Towel Crunch:

Week 3: 
- Gym Day: Same song and dance
Front Squat x10 (done with KB or ideally a barbell)
Renegade rows x10 (5 rows per arm, 10 total push ups, try to shift the hips as little as possible)
Ball Pass x5-10 (keep shoulders and legs off the ground aka don't relax between passes)
Stretch cords x20 - double arm pulls
Hip hikes x15/leg
Fire Hydrants x5 each (5x forward then backwards per leg, 10 total per leg)
- Video's
Front Squat:
Front Squat coach ed:
Front Squat w/KB:
PU Renegade Row:
Ball Pass:
Stretch Cords:

- Home Day:
Split Squat x8/leg (go down till knee touches the ground, focus on up right posture)
Depth Jumps x5 (step down from chair into a squat stance and quickly/explosively jump up! Use the arms for extra momentum)
1-arm row x8/arm (create a heavy bag/backpack, get creative)
Yoga Push up x5-10
Hip Activation Matrix x10 of each exercise per leg
SL hip bridge x8/leg (squeeze your butt at the top!)
V-up x5-10 (if V-ups aren't happening then leave legs in the air and go up to touch your toes aka L-ups)
Seated shin strength x50 (both feet at same time)
- Video's:
Split Squat:
Depth Jumps:
One arm row:
Yoga PU – “Dive Bomber”:
Hip Activation Matrix:
Single Leg:
Seated Shin strength:

Week 4: 
- Gym Day:
Squat and Press x10
Atomic Push up x10 (knee's to chest for beginner, pike position for advanced)
Skip for height x5/leg (do on gym surface, it's softer than cement pool deck).
KB swing x10
Jump Rope w/high knees x10/leg (get in a few normal jump ropes then switch to a high knee drive running form)
KB extensions x10 (lighter weight than KB swings)
Bird Dog Elbow x10/side (20 total extensions)
- Video's:
Squat and Press:
Atomic PU w/PB:
Skip for height:
Kettlebell swing:
Tim Ferris explains KB swing:
KB abs:

o   Extension SU is 3rd exercise except I want you to bring the KB up and over your knees. 
Bird Dog Elbow:

- Home Day:
SL Deadlift x10/leg (find a light weight to use or create one - i.e. bag full of books)
Squat burpee x10 (explosive jump up in a streamline arm position, and don't forget the push up in each rep)
Alternating Superman x10/side
SL hip bridge x8/leg
Clam shells x10
Lateral bands x10/side
Towel Crunch x10 per foot minimum
- Video's:
DB single leg Deadlift:
Squat burpee:
Superman Alternate:
Single Leg:
Clam Shells:
Lateral Band Walk:
Towel Crunch:

Stretching Video's: Pick 2-4 of these to do after each workout, mix it up, chances are if you hate it then you need to do more of it.
** Toe Yoga and Animal Series are highly suggested**
-        Pec Stretches:
-        Hamstring stretch w/towel:
-        Straddle Stretch (first 2’ of video):
-        Lying leg cross-over:
-        T-mobility:

-        Animal Series:

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