Saturday, March 19, 2016

Workout: 3x500's w/focus for each

This is a spin off of the Masters Workout done on Friday at Dynamo Swim Club, thank you Maria Thrash for the set! Main set is the same-ish, I just changed the focus to fit what I'm working on.

The workout: Swim workout, starting off with some drills and a focus on higher turnover. The main set consist of 500 repeats while having a different focus within each 500, typically focusing on that higher turn over and effort variations. There's an additional ending set that Maria had us do as well that I've included verbatim. This workout can be used whenever, it's a good distance set to mix in every once in a while and you can change the focus of the 500's to fit whatever you happen to be working on.

Warm up:
300 choice
- put fins on -
3x (50 drill, 20" rest, 100 swim, 20" rest)
- Drills: Focus on 3/4 catch up, adding a slight pause before the lead hand starts your pull.
- take fins off -
10x25 on 10" rest
- Odds: Swim, but count strokes while swimming normally.
- Even: Try and add 2 strokes to the stroke count from your normal swim.
(1000 warm up)

Main Set
3x500 on 20-30" rest.
- #1: Every 4th 25, focus on higher turnover by trying to add 3-4 strokes per 25. Use the Odd 25's from the warm up as a baseline. Also breath every 4th stroke.
- #2: Pull and every 4th 25 try and add 2 strokes per 25. Use the 2nd 25 within each 100 as a baseline.
**You'll notice for the 4th 25's in each of these the RPE will go up slightly, that's fine, use the 1st 25 to slightly recover before settling back into a RPE 5-6 effort. **
- #3: Every other 50 focus on turnover and adding 2-3 strokes per 25. Also use the warm up 25's as a baseline since the odd 50's will be an easier/recovery effort from the higher turnover 50's that your stroke count might vary a good bit.
(1500 set/2500 total)

2nd main set:
6-8x through this
75 cruise on 15" rest
25 FAST on 20" rest
(6-800 set/3100-3300 total)

Warm down
100 easy

Total: 3200-3400 yards.

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