Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Caplan Special swim set

Athlete of mine, Jeff Caplan, asked for a swim set since he cannot make masters tomorrow, so why not make that the workout of the day?!?!

Goal: Overall working on head position. Incorporating drills in small doses between longer swim sets. Mainly because I doubt if I gave Jeff 20x25's he'd start off the set like that, so I'll sprinkle it in with smaller doses.

The Workout:

Warm up:
3x300 on 30" rest.
#1: Choice - no gear
#2: Drill/swim by 50's - w/fins
#3: Kick/swim by 50's - w/fins
(900 warm up)

Drill Set: 4 rounds - no gear besides tennis ball.
25 Tennis Ball b/w chin and collar bone. 20" rest - aka catch your breath a bit
- Swim as far as you can without breathing, that way you can focus on holding the ball tight under your chin (no hands). Once you need to breath, pop up and grab the ball with your hand then swim out the rest of the 25.
50 swim, focus on head position - 20" rest
- Looking at the bottom of the pool, which might feel like you're looking at your toes, that's fine.
(300 drill set/1200 total)

Main Set:
600 pull - 60-70% but every 4th 25 focus on that head position, that is your ONLY focus for that 25 - 30" rest
2x25 on 20" rest, Tennis Ball Chin Tuck
400 pull - every 4th 25 focus on head position and pick up the effort to 80-85% - 30" rest
2x25 on 20" rest, Tennis Ball Chin Tuck
300 swim - every 3rd 25, push effort and head position. - 30" rest
2x25 on 20" rest, Tennis Ball Chin Tuck
3x150 swim - Desc 1-3 on 20" rest
(1900 main set/3100 total)

Warm down:
100 easy - but focusing on that head position so we can end on a mental positive note.

Total: 3200 yards.

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