Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Draft Legal bike workout

Seems fitting to create a draft legal workout as I am watching the ITU Women's race in Abu Dhabi from this past weekend.

This workout is for draft legal athletes, ideally we're simulating a pace line of a moderate group of 10 or so where only 4-5 people are actually working, one of which is you in this workout. This is an early development workout that can be used early in the season. To progress this workout you would increase the amount of reps along with the amount of time above threshold to simulate longer pulls.

In practice - Clermont was this past weekend and the EDR girls were hitting roughly 9:30 for each 5k bike lap, going off memory here. 2nd pack was a bit more than 10 people but we know that everyone isn't working. There's a (1) 180 degree turn at 2.5k and then you "snake" your way around transition. This is the course we're focusing on for today's workout. Note that you'll need to adjust due to the demands of the workout (i.e. Abu Dhabi is 1x13k loop then 6x4.5k loop or Chicago that had a redic amount of 180 turns).
*Note if you have a power file from this race that you could send me, I'd be thankful and could adjust the %'s if/as needed. Or other suggestions, I'm open to feedback. 

Warm up: Complements of Dynamo Multisport and Matthew Rose
10' easy - Calibration (if on a computrainer - which if you are, you can actually simulate drafting, which is awesome).
3x[4x30" @60%, 70%, 80%, 90% - aka 30" of each % = 2', do that 3x for 6')
2' @50%
5x[30" spin up, 30" soft pedal - both at 60%]
2' @60%
12" @130%/2:48 @40-50%

Main Set: 2 rounds of the below
**Start of a Round
- Outbound x2 through (tailwind)
*30" @120%
*15" @75%
*1:30 @85%)
(2:15 pull through/4:30 segment)

- Turn around:
*20" Soft pedal and gear down (prepping to do a burst at the end of these 15", simulating a 180 turn)
*20" @150%
(40" quick segment)

- Home bound x3 through (headwind - so I assume shorter pulls and less rest)
*1:00 @85%
*20" @130%
*10" @75%
(1:30 pull through, 4:30 set)

- Through Transition/recovery?
*20" soft pedal - snake segement
*10" @90%
*20* soft pedal - turning
*10" @90%
*2' Easy
(12:40 per round, 25:20 total for 2 rounds, 59:20 total workout)
** End of a Round. Do that whole thing twice.

Warm down:
- Take a few extra minutes here and warm down, or hop off and do a few 1k repeats, whatever tickles your fancy.

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