Friday, March 31, 2017

WFB Masters 3/31/17: Jacob's Ladder

This is one of my favorite go to sets when I want something short n' sweet and where I can push the effort. Thanks Jacob for this workout that I took 8+ years ago and still use.

Warm up:
10' solo
12x25 w/fins on 40" - Kick/Drill/Swim by 25's
- Drill: Nose to Navel thumb drag. During your stroke, keep your hand close to your body and have your thumb touch your nose and drag down to your belly button. It's an over exaggeration and I don't expect you to swim like this but it focuses on bending the elbows to the side of the pool and keeping your pull inside the elbow.
(800ish warm up)

Main Set x3: 10" rest on everything except the 100 kick.
- Swim these aggressively, it's a broken up effort so it's the day to take risk.
100 kick w/fins if you'd like
(1800 main set/2600 total)

Transition: 200 easy to shake it out
- 2800 total

2nd set:
3x300 on 30" rest
- #1: 50 cruise, 25 fast stroke of choice
- #2: 50 cruise, 25 fast kick (w/board)
- #3: 50 cruise, 25 fast freestyle
8x75 on 20" rest
- Odd: 50 kick/25 swim
- Even: 25 drill of choice, 50 swim
(1500 set/4300 total)

Warm down:
200 easy
- 4500 total

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