Tuesday, March 28, 2017

WFB Masters 3/28/17 - 8x125, 8x75, anti-golf

Day 2! Worked in a little IM work today, good mixer.

Two options today, Option #1 is for people that do all strokes. Option #2 is for the "freestyle only" crew

Warm up:
10' solo
12x25 w/fins - kick/drill/swim x25 on 40"
- Drill video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4rb8ta3P4k
(800ish warm up)

Main Set
Option 1:
8x125 on 2:00/220/240/300/320
- 50 stroke (80% effort), 75 free cruise
8x75 on 115/130/145/200
- 25 stroke fast, 50 easy free

Option 2:
8x125 on 2:00/220/240/300/320
- 50 strong, 75 free cruise
- Pull #1-4, no gear #5-8
8x75 on 115/130/145/200
- 25 stronger, 50 free cruise
- Pull #1-4, no gear #5-8
(1600 main/2400 total) - 2500 if you did a 100 easy between the 125's and 75's.

Stroke rate work: Today we worked on increasing stroke rate, vs lowering it... aka the anti-golf drill. This is helpful when in open water, needing to change your pace for various reasons, and it's just a good skill to have in your back pocket for when you need it.
100 counting strokes, giving me an average for each of the 25's. Let's say it was 21.
12x50 on 100
- Odds: Stroke count +2 (aka if your number was 21 then target 23 for each of the 25's)
- Evens: zone out, don't think about counting and relax the mind.
(700 set/3100 total)

Warm down
200 easy - add in the "head tap" drill for 2x25's somewhere in the mix.

Total: 3300-3400ish.

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