Thursday, September 15, 2016

Swim Workout: Goal 50's

This is the team workout for today, 9/15/16 that the CUW Women's team did. It's called Goal 50's, I forget where I first saw it done but it's something that has stuck with me and I'll bring out of the bag of tricks every so often.

The set is 30x50 on 1:00. The kicker is you set a goal time, something fairly aggressive that won't be hard to hit initially, but on the back half you'll be doing some work! Ideally if there's a coach on deck they can set the time for you if you've been swimming with for a while. Or y'all can be new still and guess way over their goal times and the team sets it up and crushes it down.

- The Warm up: Done in wetsuits to prep for the race this weekend.
300 Choice
4x100 Desc 1-4 on 15" rest
6x50 on 10" rest
- #1: Fast
- #2&3: Easy (repeat for 4-6).
- Get out of your wetsuit once the warm up is done, then swim an easy 100 to get moving again.

Main Set: I had three different sets/times going for the different skill levels.
- 30x50 on 1:00 (Girls were hitting 41-44" on these)
- 30x50 on 1:10 (These girls were swimming 52-55")
- 20x50 on 1:30 (She surprised me and went sub 1:00 on all of them when I thought she'd be 1:05. She crushed it and now I need to make new intervals for her).

Warm down:
300 easy, then we spend some time on open water drills. The ankle pull down, the hip cross over, and throwing bows.

It was a great set today and everyone did better than I expected to, which is always a good thing!

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