Friday, August 12, 2016

CUW Training Plan: Week of 8/15 - LAST WEEK

A great thought on "is it up to you?" from The Obstacle is the Way:
-        What is up to us?
o   Our emotions
o   Our Judgement
o   Our Creativity
o   Our Attitude
o   Our Perspective
o   Our Desires
o   Our Decisions
o   Our Determination
-        What is not up to us?
o   Well, everything else. The weather, the economy, circumstances, other people’s emotions or judgement, trends, disasters, et cetera.
This relates to RACE DAYS so much! On race day, the only thing you can control is your emotions. You can’t control the other athlete breaking the rules, not pulling through the pace line, volunteers pointing you in the wrong direction, getting kicked/punched during the swim, or others being unsportsmanlike. Play fair, be kind, and have a little fun out there on race day. There will be plenty of Type-A crazies, but we will not be one of them, we’ll be good ambassadors for the sport and our school.

Things that need to get done: 
1) Races: Signing you up for everything on Monday.
2) Move in: WEDNESDAY!!!
3) Things I still need to get done: Order swimsuits (waiting for code), sign y’all up for races, send out school schedule, create goal sheets, figure out shoe discount (email sent), and send out pre-season schedule. I’ve got a final list of things to order before our first race (August 27th) and I’m sure we’ll discover some more things along the way!

Week Layout: 
Monday: Swim #1 and Strength #1
Tuesday: Bike #1 and Brick run
Wednesday: Off day/move in day.

Swim Workouts:

Swim #1: Lower key workout today, allowing you to pack up and get ready to move in!  
- A workout
Warm up: 
300 choice
200 Drill/swim x50’s w/fins – Do 6-3-6 drill.
200 kick, building by 50’s with fins on
(700 warm up)

Main Set:
2x400 Pull - #2 faster than #1 w/20” rest
100 kick w/fins
3x200 no gear, Desc #1-3 to RPE 7 on 20” rest
100 kick w/fins
(1600 main set/2300 total)

Warm down: 
200 easy
- Total: 2500

- B workout
Warm up: 
200 swim easy
6x50 w/fins on 20" rest
- Odds: Drill: 6-3-6 drill
- Evens: Normal swimming, Work on that timing.
2x50 kick with a board and fins on, Desc 1-4. On 10" rest
(600 warm up) 

Main Set:
2x200 Pull - #2 faster than #1 w/30” rest
100 kick w/fins
3x100 no gear, Desc #1-3 to RPE 7 on 20” rest
100 kick w/fins
(900 main set/1500 total)

Warm down: 
50 kick w/fins and board
50 easy swim on 20" rest
- Total: 1600

Bike Workout:

Bike #1: Over/Unders: Helping you adjust to harder efforts and “active recovery” where you’re still going hard, but not as hard as you were so you can catch your breath for a second. These will adjust when we’re on campus to help with draft legal racing as well. That’s much shorter and harder efforts followed by active recovery as you move through the paceline.  
Warm up: 15’
10' easy @RPE 3-4
1’ @RPE 6
1’ @RPE 7
1’ @RPE 8

Main Set x2: 
2’ @RPE 8
2’ @RPE 6
2’ @RPE 8
2’ @RPE 6
(12' rounds/24' set/39' total)

Remainder of ride @RPE 3-4
- Total Time 40'

Run Workouts:

Run #1: Brick run – This workout is designed to get your body used to running off the bike. It’s quite the adjustment so we practice this so it comes more naturally during races.
- A workout: 
15' Brick run, FYL (find your legs) **On the 5' & 10' mark, toss in a 30" 5k pick up, similar to run #1**
- B workout:
5x(2' run, 1' walk) = 15'
- Add 1' walk at the end to cool down.
- Meghan: Do the same workout as B group

Strength Workouts: 
Strength #1: 
2x through:
- Reverse Lunge x8 per leg (do all right leg, then switch and do 8x left leg)
- Push up Protraction x10
- Straight Arm Bridges x10
- Hollow Hold for 45"
- Hollow Arch for 45"
- Rest 1-2' between rounds.

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