Thursday, June 16, 2016

Wisconsin Women's All-Stars practice - 6/8/16

Here's the 2nd practice conditioning session. Tossing in some circuit training, got a little odd with the workouts trying to figure out a hamstring/glute strength exercise that's not squatting.

Warm up: 
- Jog a lap: 
- Ask if there are any injuries I need to know about?
- Dynamic: Toe flicks, High knee Caraoke, Toe Touches, DYNA walk, Russian Kicks, Lunge & Twist, Arm Circles, Skip for Height/Length

Circuit Training: BRING STEREO 
20" on/10" switch - be explosive (they can all go at the same time and same exercise) 
- Burpee
- Flutter kicks
- Plank Push ups
- Partner Drags: Lock wrist and drag them for 20" (go 2 in a row for partner switch)

*3 rounds before a break - 2 cycle break (aka 1' extra)

The partner drags were fun to watch and caused a lot of grass stains, but it for sure made them work! 

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