Friday, May 5, 2017

WFB Masters 05.05.17: 5x100 best effort on 5:00

Warm up:
10' solo
12x25 on 40" w/fins - kick/drill/swim x25.
Drill of choice:
(800ish warm up)

Main Set: 

5x100 on 5:00 - yes, a 5 minute interval
- I'm looking for all out, as hard as you can go, best efforts here. With the extra rest, don't just sit back and have a cup of tea, I expect active recovery. Swim an easy 50 or 100, float around a bit, just make sure you're back to the wall with 30" to go so you can prep for the next one. 
(500+ set/1300+ total) 

Set after 5x100's: 

8x75 on 20" rest
- Odd: 50 free/25 breast stroke
- Even: 50 free/25 double arm backstroke
The focus on this set is stretching out the shoulders, pecs, hips and such, so don't rush the 25's of breast/back. Active recovery here. 
(600 set/1900+ total)

Add on for group that stays:
400 pull at 60%
300 as 50 free/25 back or breast
200 w/fins as 50 swim/50 kick
100 kick w/fins
(1000 set/2900+ total)

Warm down
100 swim
100 kick
100 swim
- Total: 1900+ or 2900+ This will vary based on how much you swam between the 100's.

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