Monday, February 13, 2017

Collegiate Plan: 02.13.17

Team Acronym:

Week Layout:  move around if/as needed, just get it done.
Monday: Bike #1 and Run #1
-        Gear: Bike, bike trainer, all bike items (minus helmet), run shoes, outdoor run cloths, small towel for sweating.
Tuesday: Swim #1
Wednesday: Run #2 and strength
-        Prep for outdoor running, dress appropriately
Thursday: Bike #2
-        All indoor bike items: trainer, bike, bike gear (minus helmet), small towel for sweat.
Friday: Swim #2
Saturday: Run #3 and strength
Sunday: Bike #3

Swim Workouts:

Swim #1:
Warm up: 
300 choice
300 Drill/swim x50’s w/fins
300 kick/swim x50’s w/fins
(900 warm up)

Main Set: 3 rounds
200 pull @RPE 4
4x75 on 1:20/1:30/1:40
-        #1: @RPE 8-9
-        #2-3: Easy
100 kick w/fins – take 1’ before starting round #2.
(1800 set/2700 total)

Warm down: 
200 easy (add in some kicking and mixed stroke work here)
- Total: 2900

Swim #2:
Warm up: 
300 choice
300 Drill/swim x50’s w/fins
300 kick/swim x50’s w/fins
(900 warm up)

Pre Set:
4x75 on 1:20/1:30/1:40 interval
-        Odds: 50 cruise, 25 fast
-        Evens: 25 fast, 50 cruise
 (300 set/1200 total)

Main Set:  5 rounds
100 ALL OUT on 1’ rest
4x50 easy swim, 20” rest after each 50, but an extra 40” rest after the last one before you start the next round
(1500 main/2700 total)

Warm down: 
200 easy
- Total: 2900

Bike Workout:

Bike #1: Hard intervals
- Both Groups: 43’ ride
-        Warm up:
o   10’ @RPE 4
o   5x30” spin up/30” soft pedal
-        Main Set: x7
o   1:00 @RPE 10
o   3:00 @RPE 4
-        Warm down: Just the last 3’ of main set then brick run

Bike #2: Climbing intervals
- Both Groups: 60’ ride
-        Warm up:
o   10’ RPE 4
o   5x30” spin up/1:30 easy
-        Main Set x7:
o   2x(1’ in saddle/30” out of saddle) then 2’ back at @RPE 4
o   1’ Shift to a big gear and slow your pedal stroke to simulate climbing. RPE 5-6 (aka shift down to almost the bottom of your rear wheel).
o   30” still in that big gear but get out of the saddle, like you’re climbing a big ol’ hill
o   2’ back to RPE 4, shift back to an easier gear (shift up 6-7 times) and back to a cadence in the 80’s.
o   35’ main set
-        Warm down: 5’ steady at RPE 4-5.

Bike #3: Long Ride
- All Groups: 90’ ride
- 9’ @RPE 4-5, 1’ @RPE 6-7

Run Workouts:

Run #1: Brick run up the Bluff:
-        Warm up: Easy jog over to the Bluff. Run down the bluff.
-        Main Set:
o   Run from the bottom of the service road to the beach and back. Regroup at bottom of service hill.
o   Run up the service hill, best effort!
-        Warm down:
o   Walk to main road from top of service hill.
o   Easy jog the long way back around the school to Regents where coach will let you back in.

Run #2: Hills on the treadmill OR outside loops
-        Outside Version:
A workout:
-        Staring at the top of the hill by the bluff. 5 laps
o   From the Soccer Field to the Right turn at the end of Health Sciences – GOING HARD!!
o   Walk for 1’ at the top of the hill to catch your breath.
o   Steady run the loop around campus.
B workout: 4 laps
C workout: 3 laps

-        Inside version:
Getting on and off the treadmill at speed:
- Stand on the side of the treadmill, crank up the speed and incline, once it’s up to speed then using the side bars, pick yourself up and hover over the treadmill, ghost pedal a few steps to get your feet up to speed before starting the interval and letting yourself down. Same thing getting off, lift yourself up with the side bars and place your feet on the side of the treadmill. Crank down the speed and incline until at walking pace then start walking.
- The video above shows a good “mount” but a horrible “dismount’.
- A workout: 40’ run (actual duration will be longer as it takes time to get the treadmill to adjust speed. The 40’ run is actual time running, not standing on the side of the treadmill waiting for the speed to change).
-        15’ warm up
-        Main Set x6:
o   1’ at 5k pace @5% incline
o   1:30 walk @2.5-3.0mph and 0% incline.
o   2:30 easy jog @1% incline but you set the pace
o   5’ rounds/30’ main set
-        5’ easy run warm down.
- B workout: Same deal, but 5 rounds of the main set for a total of 35’ workout
- C workout: Same deal but 4 rounds of the main set for a 30’ total workout

Run #3: Pick ups
- A workout: 75+’ running at RPE 4 (doing 4:30 @RPE 4/ 30” @RPE 7)
- B workout: 45+’ running at RPE 4 (doing 4:30 @RPE 4/ 30” @RPE 7)
- C workout: 30+’ running at RPE 4 (doing 4:30 @RPE 4/ 30” @RPE 7)

Strength Workouts: 
-        TBD


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