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CUW Week of 5/23 Training Plan

Alright, now we're rolling! Week one is in the books, reach out to me if you have any questions, hit any issues, or in general to let me know how it went. Otherwise, it's on towards week #2.

We'll add in a 3rd swim this week, keep the bike at 3 workouts, and the run/strength plan will stay at two workouts for this week. That being said, if you were running more than 2x/week, feel free to continue but be sure to adapt/adjust your workouts since you're including two new sports now.

Week Layout:
- On days where there are two workouts, you can split and do one in the AM and one in the PM.
Monday: Swim #1,
Tuesday: Bike #1, Run #1
Wednesday: Swim #2 followed by strength work.
Thursday: Bike #2
Friday: Swim #3, Run #2 followed by strength.
Saturday: Bike #3
Sunday: Off or make up day
... Chop Wood, Carry Water.

Swim Workouts:
Swim #1:
- A workout:
Warm up: All on 20-30" rest
400 choice swim
4x150 w/fins
- Done as: 50 kick, 50 drill, 50 swim - rest between each 150 (not every 50).
(1000 warm up)

Main Set x3
300 pull on 30" rest - Pull = buoy and/or paddles
4x75 on 20" rest
- Odd: 25 fast, 50 easy
- Evens: 50 easy, 25 fast
(600 yard rounds/1800 main set/2800 total) - If you need to cut it short, do 2 rounds instead of 3.

Warm down:
100 easy
- Total: 2900.

- B workout:
Warm up: All on 20-30" rest
3x50 easy
4x25 focus on head position
3x50 easy
4x25 Shark Fin drill w/fins
3x50 easy
3x50 kick w/fins on (kicking only with a kickboard or on your back,)
(800 warm up)

Main Set:
100 on 30" rest - @RPE 4
6x25 on 20" rest
- Odds: Focus on high elbow (aka what you worked on with shark fin drill)
- Evens: RPE 6-7
2x75 on 30" rest - @RPE 4
6x25 on 20" rest
- Odds: Focus on head position, looking down at the bottom of the pool.
- Evens: RPE 7
3x50 on 20" rest
- Desc #1-3 (aka get faster with each 50)
(700 main set/1500 total)

Warm down:
4x25 Easy - focus on "good form".
- Total: 1600.

Swim #2:
A workout:
3x300 on 20" rest
#1: Choice
#2: Kick/Swim x50's - w/fins
#3: Drill/Swim x50's - w/fins
(900 warm up)

Main Set:
400 pull on 40" rest - RPE 4-5
8x50 on 20" rest - no gear
- Odds: Breath every 3rd stroke
- Evens: RPE 7
400 pull on 40" rest - Negative Split
- Neg Split = 2nd 200 should be faster than the 1st 200.
(1200 main set/2100 total)

Warm down:
200 easy
- 2300 total.

B workout:
Warm up: All on 20-30" rest
3x50 easy
6x25 focus on head position
2x50 easy
6x25 Shark Fin drill w/fins
1x50 easy
(700 warm up)

Main Set: Do this 3x through:
3x50 on 30" - Desc 1-3
6x25 on 20"
- Odds: Easy RPE 4
- Evens: Focus on your form (rotating between head position and elbow bend)
(300 per round/900 main set/1600 total)

- Use the last set of 25's as a warm down of sorts, so you're done at 1600 yards.

Swim #3:
A workout:
Warm up: 20-30" rest on all
400 choice
300 w/fins as kick/swim x50's
200 w/fins as drill/swim x25's
100 easy swim
( 1000 warm up)

Main Set:
3x500 on 1' rest
- #1: Pull, every 5th 25 is Fast (breaks down as 4x-100 cruise/25 fast)
- #2: Pull, Negative Split
- #3: No gear, every 4th 25 is fast (5x-75 cruise/25 fast)
Cruise = RPE 4-5
Fast = RPE 8ish
(1500 main set)

Warm down
100 easy
- 2600 total

B workout:
Warm up: All on 20-30" rest
3x50 easy
6x25 focus on head position
2x50 easy
6x25 Shark Fin drill w/fins
1x50 easy
(700 warm up)

Main Set: 30" rest on the 100's, 15" rest on the 25's
2x100 Pull - RPE 4
4x25 Easy
2x100 pull RPE 5-6
4x25 easy
(600 main set/1300 total)

Warm down
4x25 easy
- 1400 total

Bike Workouts:
Bike #1:Aerobic Base/Recovery ride
- Total time: 45'
- Mostly RPE 4, however on the 10'/20'/30'/40' marks do 30" of high cadence spinning (go into an easier gear and spin the legs quickly. No bouncing, if you're bouncing in the seat then the gear is too easy).

Bike #2:Burst work
Warm up: 15' easy - RPE 4
Main Set x4:
- 20" @RPE 10!!
- 4:40 easy - RPE 4
Warm down
- 10' staying at RPE 4-5

Bike #3:Long Ride
- Total Time: 60-75'
- Riding @ RPE 4-5, it's all about that base!

Run Workouts:
Run #1: Run/Drills/Run
A workout:
Warm up: 10' easy running, RPE 4
Drills: 2x15" each
- A-skips: 2nd drill in the video
- Karaokee: 1st drill in the video

Main Set: x4
4' run RPE 4-5
1' walk
(20' main set/32' total)

Warm down:
2' run, 1' walk - easy efforts here.

B workout:
Warm up: 5' easy running, RPE 4

Main Set x4
2' run RPE 4-5
1' walk
(12' main/19ish total)

Warm down: 1' walk
- 20' total

Run #2: Run/Walk/Repeat
A workout:
- 50' total of 3' run/2' walk - RPE of 4-5 on the run. Building up the distance a bit.
B workout:
- 25' total of 2' run/1' walk - RPE of 4-5 on the run
You can walk for 5' or so to warm up a bit if you'd like to before jumping into the workout, otherwise just get to it!

Strength Workouts:
This will be the same on both days. Same circuit format as before and don't forget to follow up with stretches!

3x through:
- Body Weight squats x12
- Push ups x8 (knees down if needed)
- Lat pull down x8 or 1-arm row x8/arm
*If you don't have a gym for Lat pull down, then put a bunch of heavy stuff in a backpack and do 1-arm rows at home.
- Leg Lifts x10 - all the way down (but don't touch the ground between reps)
- Hollow Hold for 25"
- Hollow Arch for 25"
- Rest 1-2' between rounds.

Body Weight Squat:
Push ups: 
Lat Pulldown:
One arm row:
Leg Lifts:
Hollow/Arch Hold:

-        Pec Stretches:
-        Hamstring stretch w/towel:
-        Straddle Stretch (first 2’ of video):
-        Lying leg cross-over:
-        T-mobility:
-        Animal Series:

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