Wednesday, October 12, 2011


So while heading into class today I was dwelling over all of this amazing reading material I had at my house that I have yet to crack open! So I decided to make it a (public) goal to read a book a week, perhaps every 2 weeks... it all depends on how big the book is and how many shiny pictures are included. And my hope is that by making this public I will stick to it. Along with reading the book I will post a quick synopsis of the book along with my personal highlights.

First on the list: Beyond the Iron by Wayne Kurtz

Please ignore the messy room and my disaster of a closet. I'm still unpacking from the move!

Why it was picked: I have a friend who is training for a 418~ mile ride across Florida (to set a record) along with training for the Florida Double Ironman in late February. Dani and I have been going back and forth about her need for a coach, Dani's Coaching Blog Post, so she can stop thinking about what she's doing or needs to try and do to race well. I referred her to a few individuals but none of which she was satisfied with. After her blog was posted we sat down for dinner to discuss the situation and the potential of me becoming her coach. After laying it all down on the table we came to terms and we are about to embark on a journey that neither of us have taken on in the past! She gave me this book as a starting point, since it's what she had roughly been basing her training on. So here we go!

I really do hope this workouts out (the reading, not really referring to the coaching but yes that can be included haha) as there is a lot of knowledged to be gained within the stacks of books I posses.

And now for your song: He is We - "And Run"

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