Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Catching up on results...

Ever since a disappointing performance at Collegiate Nationals (Sprint) I began seeking a coach. I knew that I was no longer able to help myself in the sport and I wanted someone else to create workouts for me so I didn't have to worry about it along with now getting a new insight to training, racing, and day to day things. I began working with Matthew Rose from Dynamo Multisport shortly there-after. I had been swimming at Dynamo for about a year and been teaching spin classes there for the past 4 months so I've gotten to know Matt pretty well. What made this easy is that we both have similar methodology's when it comes to training.

April 30th: John Tanner sprint, part of the Tri The Parks Series (TTP)
600M swim: 11:01 - wetsuit
T1: 1:19
13.8 mile bike: 41:31
T2: :43
3.1 mile run: 20:20
Total: 1:14:56
I ended up 9th out of 20, not bad considering I was just getting in the flow... plus a lot of fast dudes showed up on this day! However I still wasn't happy with it and I had work to do!

June 4th: Blalock Lakes, TTP race
600M swim: 11:23 - skinsuit
T1: :37
14.8 mile bike: 43:25 (Wrong turn at start added .4 mile to the ride, actual ride was 15.2. My fault for following the wrong people and not knowing the course)
T2: :34 - started to head the wrong way out of transition... once again know the course!
3.1 mile run: 20:08 (3rd fastest run overall and fastest in my AG by over 1min)
Total: 1:16:09
I got 2nd in my AG and 9th overall. Lost 1st in AG by :45 and I added on 1:30 by going the wrong way on the course. Race went much better this time. That extra month of training leading into this was really helpful. I was able to hold a much higher bike power and still run really well off the bike!

June 5th: Sweetwater Triathlon
200M swim: 2:50
T1?: :58 I put a "?" there because there was no chip timing so not sure when it started or ended haha.
9 mile bike: 26:20
T2?: :21 - thanks Marc for grabbing my bike (no racks either... very low key and grass routes race)
3.1 mile run: 20:45
Total: 51:15
I ended up getting 2nd in my AG (again) and 3rd overall. I ran down the 3rd place guy but the other 2 were too far ahead, closest I got was 2mins. Swim really hard, bike really hard and tried not to let the #1 chick catch me, run hard so I could gain back that 1min because the chick caught me at the dismount line... ended up gaping her by 2mins.

I had a very solid race weekend, coach says I should be going faster, which he's probably right and we'll find out after more testing which is soon to come! I'm really happy with the results and I raced pretty damn hard and to do that on back to back days, I'm impressed with myself! Below are some photo's and of course a video...
From Blalock Lakes with Brett and Dani, I'm far Right

Pre swim at Sweetwater Tri: yes I did the entire race in a speedo... 

Post race: hanging out with Pike, we were the only 2 to dress up... 
And now I'll leave you with the theme song for the weekend: Chiodos "Those Who Slay Together, Stay Together"

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